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BLGL800-4000 series grille spotter

 Working principles
    BLGL800-4000 series grille spotter consist of framework, driving shift system ,drive idler pulley, bearing wheel and closed type circumgyrate traction chain, rabble blade and grille slab rotate around it . Under the driving of motor retarder, circumgyrate traction chain makes gyratory movements. When the rabble blade on the traction chain moves to the positive side of grille slab , the rabble blade insert into grille slab and make gaining movements, and make all the sundries on the grille slab in to harrow. The rabble blade is designed into double tooth rabble blade, the certain angle have been formed by double tooth. When one teeth insert into the gap of grille slap and gain, another teeth surround the solid sundries with previous teeth, in order to not let it miss, and high efficient cleanness and  thorough. When the rabble blade move to the top of machine, the sundries fall into the container or on the conveyor by its gravity, then convey the sundries away. 
    At the same time , the consideration in the design: 
    1 sundry might goes into traction chain. 2 Blocking the traction chain  3 designed the closed type of traction chain 4 under water bearing parts made of stainless steel . 6 with nylon bearings,  no need for daily maintenance under water.
 characteristics and usage conditions 
    1 BLGL model grille mud scraper’s grille slab located in the middle place of rabble blade chain(rest mechanical grille locate under the traction chain), changing the rabble blade movements during the gaining processing, this can avoid the solid substance drag-in the bottom of rabble blade and block the traction chain.
This equipment adopts the rotary traction chain. It consists of chain plate, chain pin and running pulley. Under the guidance of guiding tract during the operation, the roller makes the rolling movement on the guidance track; solve the problem of chaos of wire of the steel wire traction type grille mud scraper. 
    It avoids the destruction of weight impact to of equipment. The chain wheel disc on the retarder output axis head equips the overloading safety protection device.
This series of equipment can adjust the operation intervals at the random according to the customers’ requirements, achieving the periodic operation; also can controlled according to the front grille and back grille liquid level difference; also have the manual operation function, convenient maintenance; This equipment also have the alarming device, when the machine have failure, it can alarm. The customers can choose at random according to different working requirement.
    In one word, BLGL model grille mud scraper has the excellence of high automation, high efficient of cleanness and gaining, non noise, corrosion-resistance (framework is carbon steel, stainless steel, the rest is stainless steel). Under the unmanned condition, it can ensure continuous and stable working, very less daily maintenance. It is widely used in city sewage disposal, water intaking in water works, raining pumping station, water intaking of cooling water in power plant etc ., such kind of places for large flowing quantity water disposal.

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