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Apron feeder and conveying equipment
The QBG, HNG(HBGL), HZBG,HZZ series of Apron Feeders are continuous feeding type of equipment, which are mainly used in the mining, metallurgy and ceramic industries for stage reduction. Materials are continuously and uniformly fed from the silo or chute to the crushers, calcining kiln or screening equipment. This series of equipment is particularly suited for short distance conveying of bulk material with higher density. The equipment can be installed horizontally or at an inclination, with a maximum upward inclination of 20 degrees. Each of the series of Apron Feeders manufactured by Jiangsu Baolong consists of left and right transmission type.
The QBG model is a light –duty Apron Feeder, HBG (HBGL) model is the medium type, ( with HBG ratchet driven and HBGL is gear driven), HZBG is the medium to heavy0duty type and HZZ is the heavy-duty Apron feeder.

  1) Light –duty Apron feeder 

Light-duty Apron feeder 

  2) Medium duty apron feeder
Medium duty apron feeder                                  15M Medium duty apron feeder

  3) Medium to heavy –duty apron feeder

  4) Heavy –duty plate apron feeder

Heavy –duty apron feeder

  5) GX spiral conveyor

GX spiral conveyor

a.SIW series Twin Screw Feeder
Twin Screw Feeders are suitable for pulverized coal conveying before the Rotary Kiln of cement plant, and conveying systems for coal feeding to the various types of boiler. Coal powder is conveyed from the coal Bunker to the feed port of the Twin Screw Feeder, and it uniformly transferred to the discharge port to the air duct. Under a certain pressure, the motive air atomizes the coal power and sprays into the furnace for better combustion. Due to the different calorific value of the various types of coal and the air temperature variation and other reasons, the Twin Screw feeder varies the coal conveying quantity via a variable speed drive, maintaining the temperature to satisfy the process requirement under various working conditions of the rotary kiln, boiler and other equipment.

series twin screw feeder

b.DB DK model disc feeding machinery
This machine can feed the powder, pellet, small block material to next processing equipment evenly and continuously. The feeding capacity can be adjusted by blanking sleeve’s height and position of discharging strike –off board .When it adopts the timing motor or DC motor driving , the feeding capacity also can be adjusted by the motor "s round speed. This machine applies in construction, metallurgy, chemicals, and power industries.

feeding machinery

c.Rigid Impeller Feeder
This machine can convey the dry powdery or small size granular material found at the top of the material silo to the downstream processing equipment. It is widely used in the construction, metallurgical, chemical, and power industries.

Rigid Impeller Feeder

6) FU model chain conveyor
The FU model chain conveyor’s superiority stems from its working principle, requiring a relatively small external force to drive bigger load, and as a result of saving power consumption while increasing the conveying capacity. Furthermore, the use of high strength alloy wear-resistance chain, together with appropriate structural design, resulted in longer life of the equipment, reducing maintenance requirement, thus substantially increasing the overall effective efficiency and capacity of the production line.

7)TD 75 General belt conveyor

General belt conveyor

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